2PCS 7x6 5x7 inch Led Headlights 6054 H6054 w/ H4 Headlight Relay Harness Sealed Beam Replacement for Toyota 95-97 Tacoma 88-95 Pickup Chevy Express Van Nissan Partsam


Color:7x6 Headlight Assembly

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  • Partsam LED headlights for vehicles with 7x6 sealed beam type headlights (also known as 5x7). Update the look of your vehicle while improving your visibility with little to no modification; Helps to reduce traffic accidents cause by bad weather or adverse road condition. Ensuring driver's safety (High beam 5600 lumens, Low beam 2500 lumens). Low beam and High beam in the same light; Durable Aluminum Shell Body and Heatsink; Easy Installation-Plug and Play.
  • Specifics: 15 Ultra Bright 3W LED Chips; Waterproof Rate: IP67; Color Temperature: 5000K-6000K; Lens Material: PMMA; Lifetime: Up to 50,000 Hours; Warranty: 1 years; Dimension: 7.87"(Length)x5.5"(Width)x2.75"(Depth); Warranty: 2- years.
  • How to Get Moisture Out? Partsam patent design- with breather hole, which can let out the moisture or water easily, ensuring a longer lifespan.
  • Package Inlcudes: 2PCS 7X6 5x7 led headlights + 2PCS H4 to 3 pin adpaters + 1PC H4 headlight relay Harness. The relay harness can solve the problem below: Toyota Tacoma Pickup dual ground problem, dim headlight, flickering etc. This headlight set can ensure safety car light replacement.
  • Compatibility with headlights: H6054 H6054LL 6054 H5054 H6014 H6052 6052 6053 69822. Partsam LED headlamps can fit up to 95% of vehicles, including sedans, light SUVs, 86-95 Jeep Wrangler JK LJ and trucks, motorcycles, 89 chevy k5 blazer, gmc safari 93, w250 dodge, c4 corvette and off-road vehicles.

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Nick and Lea
April 18, 2018
Bought these for my Jeep. Don’t usually give 1 star reviews but these lights earned it. I had high hopes for these lights. The problem is in the design. The LEDs shine light in all directions and is not focused on the road. These blind oncoming cars. The first night I drove them I had the lights adjusted as down as possible and had at least a dozen people flash their brights at me when I was on low beam. I could see the trees and freeway signs on overpasses being lit up. No good. A good set of lights have a visible cut off you can see on the street. These do not. I ended up getting the conversion kit from Rampage. Glass lenses and good reflector. Good focus. I then paired them with Beamtech LED bulbs. Cost was about $100 all from Amazon. Very very happy with them.
Jeff A
November 26, 2018
Extremely bright, but horrible beam pattern. In low-beam mode, they're more of a floodlight. There is absolutely no cut off at all! The only difference between the low beams and the high beams is that in the Low Beam mode, only the top row and the center middle LED are on. The high beam is all 15 LEDs on.
These have "DOT SAE" letters on then, but there is no way they are DOT approved with the low-beam pattern being a complete flood with no cut off!
Definitely not street legal...
May 6, 2018
This is probably the worst item that I have purchased on Amazon. They are very poorly made out of the cheapest plastic. They are impossible to aim correctly. They are fairly bright but the light is not focused so they are basically useless. I am going to throw them in the trash now that I have bought quality sealed beams that work much better. This is the first time that I have purchased an item with excellent reviews and had it turn out so poorly.
November 30, 2017
Great headlights! Awesome upgrade for the Chevy Express Vans! They have an even beam pattern and more than enough light on low beam. I am highly impressed by these lights.
January 1, 2018
Ordered a pair for my dads s10 and he loves them. One of them stopped working after a day. Amazon refunded me my money and I ordered another pair. Haven’t had any issues yet(it’s been about a month). They are blinding to other drivers so be prepared to have people flashing their lights at you. They are definitely worth 60 bucks!! Will be buying a pair for my express van. They also give the vehicle a new look which is cool.
May 13, 2018
I was worried these would blind other drivers at night. But I made the purchase anyway. The low beam setting uses only the top row and one from the mid row. The top row is directed to the ground, but the rest are strait forward. So with your low beams on, there will be one led directed forward. Its not blinding, but it is notable. You could argue that its distracting, but most LED headlights are. On the upside this one forward directed LED lights up reflective signs like they're back lit. You will never miss a sign driving at night.
TRS Toyota
March 1, 2018
These lights "fit" my 92 Toyota pickup. However, they don't wire or operate correctly even when you use the 3 conductor wiring harness recommended. You need a "2-Headlight H4 Headlamp Light Bulb Ceramic Socket Plugs Relay Wiring Harness Kit" sold by Amazon to install in your 92 era Toyota pickup. A great auto mechanic describes what has to be done on Youtube (Aaron Blackwell). As good as that information is, it results in a whole mess of wires on each side of the engine compartment. You might want to check it out before you purchase these or other LED lights that might have the same problem. Other than that, the lights are incredibly bright.
Nathan Hawkins
June 29, 2017
This product will NOT work with Honda 1990 and older. I bought the adapter suggested. I have wired this every which way to sunday and the best I can get is a choice between do I want high beam all the time or do I want low beam. It will not switch between high and low beam. It does fit perfectly in the hole. I have evaluated for cord length including tearing the actual plug apart and rewiring it and I still have the same choice "high or low but not both." I was really hoping for this to work as they use less amperage and add more light. No dice! Not worth trying. I have tried TWO different lights this one AND partsam. I will post this review on both. They work the same way. The Partsam is engineered more rigorously but still same choice "high or low but not both." I have not found ANY LED to be an effective replacement. I have decided to just go with Sylvania silver star H6054. Lame but it is better than stock. Good luck to you!
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