Car Insulation - 4' x 20' Roll (80 Sqft) Sound Deadener & Heat Barrier Mat - Automotive Lightweight Thermal Insulation LYSB016QUSKPE-ELECTRNCS


:4 x 10 (40 Sq. Ft.) - $49.99

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  • Car Insulation - Thermal Sound Deadener 80 Sqft - Lightweight Automotive Heat Barrier
  • Controls Heat, Reduces Sound, & Minimizes Vibrations
  • Thermal & Vapor Barrier - Blocks 97% Radiant Heat
  • Crush Resistant - Polyethylene Closed Cell Reinforced Foam Core (Overall Nominal Thickness - 1/4")
  • Extremely Light-weight & Flexible Material

Product Description

offers the lightest & most effective thermal sound deadening insulation in the world! This roll of material is an EXTREMELY light-weight sound deadener & thermal barrier that creates a quiet, comfortable, and efficient interior for any vehicle. It will keep you cool by reflecting unwanted engine, header, exhaust, & summer heat but it will also keep you warm in the winter! It is extremely flexible & very easy to cut, handle, and install. It is used by professional race teams, auto restoration shops, & many customers around the world. This can be installed in any vehicle in the entire interior.

is /4" thick overall and weighs 0.04lbs per Sqft so every 25Sqft roll of material weighs only .00lb! This is NOT a Jute or Butyl based product. It's a closed cell polyethylene.

This can be used in ANY VEHICLE to insulate & sound proof your entire interior: floor pan, doors, under your carpet/seats, headliner/roof, trunk, trunk lids, and firewall (interior side). is used in many automotive applications: muscle cars, hot rods, corvettes, imports, tuners, street rods, rat rods, classic cars, race cars, stock cars, old vintage cars, pickups, trucks, low riders, etc. We even have customers who use it in their airplane, SUV, RV, limousine, camper, boat, motor home, or school bus.

Installation - There is NO ADHESIVE on our material but you have many options when it comes to installing it including spray adhesive, foil tape, double sided tape, etc. It is very flexible making it so simple & easy to install. Spray adhesive & foil tape in combination with each other has worked best for installation. Foil tape is optional to use with spray adhesive but helps you achieve the best thermal barrier results. For the ultimate install - double layer it!

We have many sizes to choose from so please check out our other listings!

Customer reviews(111)

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R. Collazo
May 1, 2016
I'm using it as sound deadening and insulation on a classic car restoration. It's significantly less expensive compared to Roadkill, Dynamat, etc. and more importantly, incredibly light weight. Important to note that it does NOT have adhesive backing. I'm using 3M 90 spray adhesive, aluminum tape and a generic roller for a savings of roughly $250 on my project.
January 9, 2018
Used this on the fire wall interior to keep the heat down on the inside of the car. Bare fire wall was reading 110*after cruising for 30min. After installing this it dropped down to 93* in similar conditions.
October 19, 2016
Couldn't be better! I am using this for sound deadening on my 1974 Ford F250 with its huge engine!
- This material is aluminum faced on BOTH sides.
- Adhesive: I was uncomfortable about its not having self-adhesive... until we started
doing the job. I found that it was better to use my own choice of glue (both Shoe Goo, and
Liquid Nails construction grade, due to weather and temperature problems. We had to
work in rain and 40 degree temps. I know without even asking that "self-stick" adhesives,
even 3-M 90- spray adhesive, simply could not do the job on cold steel, in my opinion.
- We covered the cab floor thoroughly, from the highest we could reach on the firewall, to
just below the fuel tank behind the seat (we covered that too, glueing an old carpet on it)
- The product is VERY EASY to cut with scissors, a pleasure to work with when fitting carefully
around the floor-shift boots and big tranny hump with all the lumps and curves.
- We have the hood and engine firewall to do yet, which​ brings me to another "plus": for
this product: YOU CAN BUY IN ANY LENGTH YOU WANT, just pay by the foot.!
This was a huge sales plus for me, I got TWELVE feet by 4 feet for very reasonable price. But
one could order 18 feet if needed - this saves later shipping hassles.
September 6, 2017
This was very easy to work with. I could cut it with scissors or a utility knife. It is lightweight and conforms well to contours. The foil tape they provide works well on the seams. I used 3m spray glue and rubber cement to glue it down. Both worked well. I used it on th firewall and transmission cover of my 71 Ford truck. It really silenced the road and engine noise in the cab and kept out the engine heat. The foil covering won't stand up to stepping on it, so you have to cover it where your feet contact it.
September 5, 2016
As the headline says, it does actually work!
I purchased an 80 Sqft roll to insulate my Jeep Wrangler hardtop. Any JK owner can tell you what it is like to drive one in summer while having the hardtop on. You would be baked alive! I used the product to fabricate an insulation panel and glued it on the top from the inside. I have noticed a great difference by installing the two front panels only. Before the installation, the air conditioner was pointless when the temperatures outside can reach up to 54C (that's a 130F). Now the car remains cool inside even when lock and parked in the sun the whole day (I also have insulation applied to the windows and windshield).

The only hassle I had with the product is act​ually glueing it to stuff. It would have been perfect if it had some sort of adhesive applied to it so that you can just stick it on things.

The bottom line is: The Product is GREAT!
May 8, 2018
If u take ur time and do it right this product is surely a 10. Clean all surfaces thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Wear gloves. Make sure ur windows are all the way up!

By the way. I was quoted $3,8000 to insulate my truck. Learn something about ur vehicle and do it urself! Sure it’s an old truck, and looks like it but it will be quieter than any luxury car out in the market,

Took about 6 hours to install on all 4 doors for my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Laramie. I doubled down on insulation on the inside doors. Big difference in cab noise reduction. Next is dash removal, floor and headliner. Bought enough to double down on the roof and everything else.
May 21, 2018
Finally completed installation of this product. First of all, it is light and easy to manipulate and conforms to the interior of the front and passenger compartments as well as under the hood .I used heat reflective tape to attach to the hood, no tape was used for the interior compartments, just slit the area around bends and corners, reattached carpet over it and it was done. Took a long drive and left the hood closed after coming home.
No heat on the outside of the hood at all, it was cool to the touch, opened the hood, touched the inside, it was not overly hot at all, that was good, the aluminum did its job. No heat inside he footwells, however, will see when summer comes and IF both compartments will be cooler than before, I live in So CA and I have a cobra,that says it far , I am pleased with it, BTW upon opening the hood, the underside has a shiny/ reflective surface showing under the hood, gives it a good appearance. Its made in the USA...
Rick Davila
August 5, 2018
At first when I saw this product I was like this looks like bubble wrap with some chrome material over it but installed it anyways to see what it can do on my truck since I have a lot of wiring under my carpet and it gets hot under there because the catalytic converter and the exhaust pipes anyways it keeps it cool now and it’s better when you turn that A/C on you don’t feel that heat tru the carpet and also my subwoofer sounds better without all that rattling Great product
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