Ceramic Space Heater, 1500W Fast Heat Portable Electric Space Heater with 2s Quick Heating PTC Plate, Overheat & Tip-Over Protection for Office Small Room Desk VANTAKOOL


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  • ✔ SAFE with MULTI-PROTECTIONS:The mini space heater is made of flame resistance material and with thermostat control function. With multi-protections (Overheat protection, Tip-over protection), when it was lifted up or tipped over, it will be shut off. The auto-switch off function ensures the safety in case it’s tipped over accidentally.
  • ✔ PTC CERAMIC AND 2s QUICK HEATING:The personal space heater can heat-up effectively and fast within 2s when turned on, so you can quickly feel the strong warmth in the cold winter. There are 3 temperature modes, you can choose the model according to your needs by the button on the top.
  • ✔ KEEP WARM IN YOUR HOME: The portable Space Heater comes with 1500w power and OFF/FAN/LOW HIGH settings for different needs. The adjustable thermostat maintains the desired temperature, and the cool-to-the-touch exterior makes for easy operation. Enjoy a reliable and comfortable warmth in the cold winter
  • ✔ PORTABLE & SPACE-SAVING: 5.11 *5.11 * 7.87in. It is easy to move and carry it around, perfect for using in home or office. Place it under your desk or on the table, wherever you want to get rid of the frostbitten body parts.
  • ✔ KIDS-FRIENDLY AND PET-FRIENDLY: The appliance is fitted with a safety device (tip-over switch situated on the bottom of the appliance) that disconnects it when it is tilted or tipped.

Product Description

100W Ceramic Space Heater for Office Small Room Desk
► Portable Heater with Handle
This ceramic heater is a portable heater with the handle. Its mini size makes it easy to place in any room. The size is just .11 *.11 * 7.87in Inch.
Though, the size is small, its functioning is powerful.

► A powerful but quiet heater
The high heat output can be up to 100 Watt power consumption, but the noise is less than 0 db and it will not disturb your work and sleep,
which is suitable for personal heating in office, dorm and home.

► Thermostat Control
The multi-heating modes are controlled by the knob. It is very responsive and makes the surrounded area immediately hot when turned on.
You can adjust the knob to set the temperature as per your requirement.

► Over Heat Protection
The overheat protection feature turns off the heater automatically in case of overheat, and will return to work once it gets to a safe temperature inside.

► Electrical PTC Heater
The personal space heater can heat-up effectively and fast within 2s when turned on, so you can quickly feel the strong warmth in the cold winter

► Warm Up Where You Are
The heater is mini size and perfect for small space like desk area. You can easy move it with the built-in carrying handle and warm up the space around you. Powerful and cost-saving!

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September 10, 2016
Solid and lies well in the hand. The tape appears to be sturdy and less prone to breakage than many I've had in the past. Also the fact that it has both inches and centimeters helps a lot sometimes . I find that when I get too tired, the fractions are a challenge to remember. So to recite both the inch and centimeter measurement on the way to the scribbling station is a good fallback, also for poor handwriting. A tip for all prospective owners of good sturdy tape measures: make sure to write your name and draw little hearts all over your investment in permanent marker as these little buggers tend to develop feet. During my construction projects, I can't even count the number of good tape measures I've lost. The only one I still have is a small pink one which does only cm.
July 26, 2017
Has all of the features I need, nice to have a metric tape measure in the shop. The features that make it useful:
* Metric and inches
* Magnetic hook
* Truss and stud markings
* Multi-color fractional inch markings
* Auto-lock, with button to retract
* Bright yellow contrast for visibility
* Wide tape extends unsupported
Some people don't like the auto-lock, because bumping the button can retract the tape when you don't want to, which can be frustrating, but it's a matter of using the right tool for the job, so not a deal-breaker.

Why care about metric? Try dividing 3 15/32 by 5 in your head. Or, look and see that it is 88 mm, so 88/10 is 8.8, therefore twice that is 17.6 mm. (Dividing that by 4 would be TOO easy, 22mm.) Or even better, a 3-4-5 triangle to get a right angle is easy to calculate with a metric measurement. And trigonometry is much easier to punch into the calculator if messing around with roof pitches and you need to do a tangent or cosine.

FYI, the diamond markings at about every 19.2" are truss markings, which are at 8 ft/5 (96"/5 is 19.2") so that you can layout 5 trusses per sheet. This gives you a bit more support than 24" on-center, but not so tight as 16", which is usually overkill unless you had some serious snow load. The black markings every 16" are for studs or floor joists for convenient layout.

I can't believe I have gone almost 50 years without a metric tape measure, life is better in my shop!
Paul Guinn
March 15, 2017
I have only had the Trust tape measure for a couple of weeks and allowed myself to use it rather than my standard tape measure so I can tell if this really is a good and dependable tape measure. One feature I really like is that the tape stays out until you push the button to retrieve it back inside the housing. I use a tape measure daily and this unit is proving itself to be a quality and dependable unit. I bought eight of these so I can give one each to my older grandchildren so I can teach them how to measure, determine angles, and cut as well as install baseboards. I believe the Trust tape measure will be a good lifetime tool they will be able to use as needed.
March 13, 2017
Absolutely a superior design. Star #1: Tape is *always* locked - the release-button must be depressed to release the tape - much more practical. Star #2: The tape has a "satin" finish - no glare off the marked surface - makes it much easier to read. Star #3: Crisp measurement markings, both Metric and Imperial, with the fractions marked in 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8ths, reducing errors. Star #4: Deep radius/curvature that eliminates the twisting and folding of lesser tape measures when extended to great length. Star #5: Magnetic tip so that it will adhere to metal surfaces as well as hook onto wooden and non-metallic surfaces. Star #6: Lifetime warranty. Star #7: Can't beat this much tape measure for this price.

I have paid more for far inferior tape measures. Very happy with this purchase.
August 1, 2016
I was fretting over whether to buy a non-Stanley tape measure since they are made of metal and people keep posting photos of their 25 year old tape measure still working.

What I liked about this tape measure is that it's noticeably lighter, less likely to cut or hurt you, and really well built. It's got a great measure with magnets and an automatically locking mechanism (you click to pull the tape back in). I used it to measure out an area for a park and it worked really well.

I feel like you can't go wrong, but the value here was particularly good.
October 11, 2017
Hmmm, well it's an Awesome, thick, durable tape measure. I love the 2 magnets on the tip it makes it so much easier measuring on metal and measuring of nails and such. The tip of it is large, strong, and it's easy to read the numbers which is very important. The clip is solid and doesn't bend easily, the casing is firm and flexible if the tape is dropped. So far I'm impressed with the tape measure. I was waiting a few weeks before I posted a review but it deserves an early one. I'll buy many more for myself and my employees.
Brent J. Pounds
April 19, 2018
Seems like a good quality tape measure and love the features; beats my Lufkin, Stanley, and Harbor Freight tapes any day. The auto locking feature is great and I have had no issues with it; I much prefer the top release button to the leverlock style from Stanley, which I seem to bump inadvertently. The makings are clear and easy to read with fractional measurements marked for the entire length of the tape. The magnetic claw is very strong and can be used as a pickup tool. Overall, it operates very smoothly and has the sturdy feel of a quality tool. I do with they had markings on the reverse side of the tape, maybe with SAE and metric reversed so you have both on either side, but aside from that not much room for improvement.
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