Pack of 4 Plastic Hose Holder,Wrewing Plastic Adjustable Hose Clip Auto Siphon Clamp For Homebrew Beer Making, Multifunction Plastic Adjustable Fish Tank Mounting Clip Water Pipe Tube Clamp

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  • Adjustable clip, applicable to 8-16mm/0.31-0.63inch hose
  • 4 Pieces high quality plastic auto siphon racking cane(Blue)
  • Holds Racking Cane in Place as to prevent siphoning of sediment from bottom of bucket or carboy
  • Apply to all types of tanks, buckets

Product Description

Pieces blue plastic auto siphon racking cane

Adjustable clip, applicable to -6mm/0.-0.63inch hose.

Made from highly durable material with a long life expectancy even under stressful usage.

The clip / clamp has various uses from holding the racking cane in place or tubing.
It grips the bucket or carboy firmly as to not pop-off.
Hold the auto siphon up from the bottom of the bucket or carboy as to not suck up any sediment.

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