R&L Racing Seats JDM Universal Racing Seats Fully Reclinable Black Suede Red Stitch with Sliders

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  • Fully reclining for maximum comfort and convenience. Typically half the weight of a stock seat
  • Higher bolsters and deeper upper body support. Engineered to work properly with 4- or 5-point racing harness
  • Keeps your body in the optimum position to make inputs to the car. Reduces driver workload
  • High Quality Materials for best fit and most comfort
  • Sold as 1 seat. Mounting bracket not included

Product Description

Driving competitively requires a racing seat that lets you stay put. Hard cornering and braking constantly try to make you slide left and right, or forward out of the seat. If you’re investing energy into staying put, that’s mental and physical resources you can’t devote to the most important thing: winning. That’s true during street driving, at least the way we sometimes drive on the street. A stock seat simply doesn’t have enough lateral support to keep your butt planted or your shoulders in one place so you can make precise inputs to the steering, accelerator or brakes. R&L are optimized for “spirited” driving, and are engineered to work properly with 4- or 5-point racing harnesses instead of seatbelts and airbags. Upholstered in high quality materials these seats also happen to look amazing.

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August 14, 2016
Before I get into the full review: If you are buying this to put in your car, DO NOT. Buy a proper, FIA-approved racing seat. These cheap reclining seats WILL collapse in a hard accident and result in injuries.

Now, I am using this as a piece of furniture, so my needs justify buying a cheap seat that looks good and is comfortable enough. Out of box, some of the recline mechanism has some rusting, the seatback is a bit loose (I can stand behind it and move the seatback forward and backward about 1-2"), and the fit & finish was not exact. But let's keep in mind this is a ~$120 racing seat. Overall, for the price and my intended purpose, this chair works very well to sit in and get the "race car" look.

Two complaints for this seat as furniture:
- The bottom seat cushion can be uncomfortably hard after about 2-3 hours.
- Because the seatback is designed to accommodate a helmeted driver, there is not really any head/neck support.

Do I regret the purchase for my sim rig? Not at all. But understand that this seat should not be used beyond this based on the construction quality.
C. E. Toutwid
November 30, 2015

So after many hours of sitting in this seat. It is my main chair for my PC, which I am at from sun up till sun down on my days off... I still like this seat a lot with just one problem... I am too fat for it. I am a big guy, weighing in at 280 pounds at about 6 foot 2 or so. The left side bolster has had the padding smushed into the frame work from my pudgyness. I can push it back out so it looks good as new but it will happen again in a day or so, causing the metal bar inside to push up against my side. The padding on this seat is fantastic, showing no signs on wear at this point. There is no indentation from my considerable butt, even after so many hours of it being planted in this seat. I think this may be an issue for these types of seats in general. The manufacturers think all race drivers are skinny dudes/dudettes, but we aren't.

The seat just arrived today... it's very light but solid. I bought this seat for a sim racing cockpit, not for car installation. The padding is comfy and yet feels very solid. There's no instructions on how to install the seat sliders but I was able to guess most of it and a quick google search for 'install sliders for racing seat' netted me a video showing exactly what I needed to do. The seat came already assembled, which I was pleasantly surprised by. I have seen others come in two pieces. Don't know about the durability of this seat yet but I have confidence it will last quite some time. I will be uploading videos of the seat in the days to come on my youtube page... 'toutvids' if anyone wants to see this particular seat. For the money, I would recommend this seat. Will update if any problems arise in the future.
March 7, 2016
It was alright I ordered one to see how it was. Exposed foam on the front where machine didn't stitch right I emailed them to see about a possible discount on the next one. No reply it's alright not worth one thirty maybe one hundred not to high quality
December 9, 2015
This seat is not as listed. It would be fine for a 4 Point harness, but no way for a 5 Point.. There is no center slot for the center strap of the 5 Point harness. It must go around the front seat. Therefore, when tightened, pulls all straps forward and not tight around the rider.
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